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Arizona State Beats Huskies 35-30

The Huskies sure looked good at the beginning and then fizzled in the second half and were totally dominated in the fourth quarter.
I don't miss Jimmy Lake - I'd like to see more of the Morris/Huard platoon at quarterback the rest of the season.

Huskies Lose Opener to Montana

I was pretty excited for the season to get started, but like most of the rest of nation (except for Griz Nation) I did not expect the Huskies to not only lose but get look so poor. Granted the starting receiving corps was not available , but other than than their initial possession the Huskies looked pretty dismal. Not to take anything away from the Grizzlies - they came to play and their senior quarterback from Issaquah probably still hasn't slept.

This was supposed to be a tune-up game for the prime time game next week at Ann Arbor against Michigan which I have been looking forward to ever since it was scheduled. I hope the team can put together a competitive game on Saturday, otherwise it will just be one more reason whay the Huskies and the Pac12 aren't respected by the rest of the country.

I'm becoming less and less of a fan of the Seattle Times but Mike Vorel's article in today's paper sums up the current situation fairly well.

Analysis: UW coach Jimmy Lake didn’t see Saturday’s loss to Montana coming — and that’s the problem | The Seattle Times
Last month, when asked what it would take for Washington to compete annually for College Football Playoff berths, Jimmy Lake said: "We're already there." The Husky coach's biggest problem is that he didn't know he had one.

Baylor Dominates Huskies in Opener

Baylor is good - the Huskies are, well - its hard to say. They were dominated on the boards and on every other aspect of the game. I hope they learn from the experience and continue to improve over the season and I hope they get back to Seattle healthy!

Washington Husky Men's Basketball Opener

Not sure how this is going to go today - I don't know much about either team, but Baylor is ranked #2 and takes on Gonzaga soon. Hopefully, the bubble is strong down in Vegas...