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So, one of the many things I enjoy about my job is getting the exposure to all sort of new technology for IT, cloud and security. I've been spending some more time getting more up to speed on Cloudflare and realizing that it is more than a CDN, more than a WAF, more than DNS and more than ZTA - in fact, it can be used for all of them.

Get faster DNS and privacy on your phone by installing the app. It's free!

More to come on this topic, but I did mange to do this today:

2017 Gartner North America Symposium

Going to spend the majority of next week in Orlando attending Gartner's largest conference with ~10,000 of my closest friends. My introverted self is already longing for a nap! @Gartner_inc

I hope the T-Rex is still working at MCO next week!