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18 Printables To Seriously Up Your Elf On The Shelf Game


18 Printables To Seriously Up Your Elf On The Shelf Game

Take your elf to the next shelf.

posted on Dec. 10, 2014, at 8:06 a.m.
Mike Spohr
Mike Spohr
BuzzFeed Staff

1. A rocket ship.

For those times your elf needs to get to the North Pole on the double. Download the free printable here.

2. A kissing booth.

A kiss may be 5 cents, but the printable is free.

3. A warning letter from Santa.

Download naughty (and nice) letters from Santa for $5 here.

4. A Minecraft head.

Find the free printable here (just scroll down).

5. Captain America’s mask and shield.

Help your elf join The Avengers by downloading the free printable here.

6. Good deed cards.

Download the free printables here to turn your tots into Tiny Tim’s.

7. A Minecraft Santa head.

Beat the system and download the free printable here.

8. Spider-man’s mask.

“Here comes the Spider-Elf!!!" Download the free printable here.

9. Magic elf dust instructions.

If you or one of your kids accidentally touches your elf and he loses his power, you can revive him with a little magic elf dust. Learn more, and download the free printable here.

10. An elf-sized “kiss" box.

Your kids will take their elf obsession to the next level when he starts leaving them gifts. Download the free printable here.

11. Photo props.

Perfect for taking “elfies." Download the printables for $3 here.

12. A lemonade stand.

Warning: Elf lemonade is heavy on the sugar. Download the free printable here.

13. Christmas themed cutouts.

Up your elf’s photo booth game. Download free printables for Santa, a reindeer, penguin, and snowman here.

14. Frozen themed cutouts.


You can find the Olaf printable here and the Elsa printable here. Both are $2.

15. Elf on the shelf jokes.

“What is green, covered in tinsel, and goes ‘Ribbet, ribbet?’" “A mistle-toad!" Download 25 of these free printable jokes (one for each day) here.

16. Notes from Santa.

Get these cool printables (personalized with your kid’s name) here for $5.

17. A “magic seeds" letter from Santa.

This free printable tells your kids to plant “magic seeds" (aka chocolate chips) in a bowl of sugar. When your kids wake the next morning they will discover the seeds have sprouted into gingerbread men.

18. An elf-sized donut box.

Grab the free box printable here, then cover Cheerios with frosting and sprinkles to make mini elf donuts.

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      The Elf is out of Control

      1. At first glance he may look like your average elf: probably from a small town, nice parents, good education.

      2. Sure, he’s a bit strange.

      3. But nonetheless harmless, right??

      5. It all started when a couple of Barbies denied Elf on the Shelf’s Christmas offering.

      6. The rejection stung and the once jolly Christmas elf was left with nothing but a deep, unguided anger.

      7. He became reclusive — spending most of his time alone, drinking and chain-smoking, wondering about his real purpose on Earth.

      8. It wasn’t long before his behavior began to spiral out of control.

      9. Every night was a new blackout, a new horror.

      10. Things he once loved turned into things he hated.

      Evan Krause / Trang Krause / Via
      11. Run-ins with the law were frequent occurences.

      12. He became a different person entirely.

      13. It was all really just a desperate cry for help.

      14. But before anyone could do anything, it was too late.

      Flickr / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: m-i-k-e

      15. Friendships were severed.

      16. Lives were lost.

      17. Grandmothers were corrupted.

      “F%CK B*TcHeZ, G3T $$$"

      18. So this Christmas, make sure to hide yo’ kids.

      19. Hide yo’ wife.

      Kim Rosas / Via

      20. And hide yo’ husband.

      21. Because no one is safe as long as this guy’s on a shelf.