Verkada - Hybrid Cloud Video Security

Tired of your existing video security system that is probably made up of a combination of different DVRs/NVRs and an assortment of cameras that you need multiple consoles to manage and of course, search for video?

Take a look at the Verkada solution - no on-premise DVR/NVR - 10 year warranty on all cameras, the ability to manage all cameras from a single web portal or mobile application. Many more features as well released on a continuous basis that you will automatically be provisioned for!

Check out their weekly webinar (link below) or reach out to me directly and I will coordinate an intro and demo for you.

Organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud to enable remote access, support greater scale, and improve usability of video surveillance systems. In this webinar, we’ll show how to deploy smart, cloud-based video surveillance so simple and scalable that it works for everyone at your organization.